CHOP CBTCC investigatorsCollaborating with the CBTTC

The CBTTC’s goal is to freely share biospecimens, data, and ideas. Researchers are invited to view the available specimens and data on the informatics platforms

The CBTTC Data and Specimen Inventory Portal Platform provides access to the de-identified pediatric brain tumor specimens and annotated data that is currently available for research. To request biospecimens please submit a scientific project

Submit a Scientific Project


The  Kids First DRC Portal  allows you to browse available genomic data and create a workspace in Cavatica for analysis.  You can view and interrogate processed data on Pedscbioportal To access the raw genomic data please download and submit the access agreement

Download the CBTTC Data Access Agreement

You can contact with any questions on research using CBTTC specimens or data.

Joining CBTTC

The CBTTC has two membership levels. Full members and Satellite members. Full members are traditionally larger academic institutions willing to commit to submitting 75% of all pediatric brain tumor specimens to the CBTTC. Satellite members are smaller institutions. To be considered for CBTTC membership, an institution shall meet the following criteria:

  • Treats patients with nervous system tumors and has a large annual accrual of patients who undergo surgical resection of their brain tumors
  • Has a scientific infrastructure to support participation in the CBTTC
  • Is willing to contribute childhood brain tumors open biopsy samples from at least 75% of all childhood brain tumor specimens submitted to their pathology department
  • Has or will obtain a Federal Wide Assurance if applicable

Contact us for membership inquiries.

CBTTC Data Submission

Member sites are expected to submit clinical data via the BRP: The Biorepository portal,the informatics platform for CBTTC data and tissue submission. The BRP uses REDCap as the data collection tool. In the BRP clinical data is collected as shown below for each subject. You must be an approved CBTTC consortium member to enter data into the BRP. To request an account and training please select register for account on the BRP website. 

Required and additional clinical data member institutions are expected to submit includes:

Medical History

  • Cancer Predisposition Conditions
  • Family History of Cancer


  • Gender
  • Subject Age at Initial Diagnosis
  • Ethnicity
  • Race

Diagnosis and Progression

  • Pathology Diagnosis, Initial, Recurrence and or Progression and Pathology Report
  • Metastases at Submission
  • Tumor Primary Location In CNS
  • Histological slide images
  • MRI images and report*
  • Medical Condition at Diagnosis

Molecular Testing

  • Tumor Or Molecular Tests Done
  • History
  • Cancer Predisposition
  • Family History
  • Other Medical Condition

Treatment Data

  • Extent of Surgical Resection
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Protocol Information

Follow Up Data

  • Additional Tumor Molecular Test at Update
  • Tumor Site of Progression
  • Recurrence Pathology Diagnosis at Update (Referring Institution)
  • Update Type
  • Subject Clinical Status at Update
  • Update Tumor Primary Location
    Relapse Number
  • Metastatic Site

CBTTC Data and Specimen

Member sites are required to submit biospecimens for their enrolled subjects including:

  • Fresh Frozen Tissue
  • Blood from the subject
  • Cerebral Spinal Fluid
  • Tissue slides and slide images and Pathology reports
  • MRI images and reports
  • Blood or Saliva from parents

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