CBTTC Biorepository

The CBTTC Biorepository Core (BioRC) is a state-of-the-art sample storage facility located at the CBTTC operations center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The BioRC can catalog and store more than 1.6 million total biospecimens, including specimens from CBTTC investigators, and is designed to serve all of the CBTTC’s biobanking needs. The BioRC’s processes and workflows help to avoid specimen duplication, preserve precious materials, and enable broad access to data and materials by researchers across the globe.

Samples of tissue, DNA, RNA, cerebral spinal fluid, blood, cell lines, and other biospecimens collected from CBTTC member institutions are carefully cataloged and stored in the BioRC for use in approved CBTTC research projects. These biospecimens are handled with the highest level of care and are preserved for research use within a carefully monitored -20°C temperature and humidity-controlled environment. 

Why is it important to store biospecimen samples?

  • Having a centralized location to store, monitor and catalog samples allows each sample to impact multiple projects and can benefit research for years to come
  • Utilizing donated biosamples and generated data is a way to respect the patients who have contributed these valuable specimens