Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas is a collaborative effort to accelerate discoveries for therapeutic intervention for children diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The first dataset release of the The Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas (PBTA) occurred September 10th, 2018. In this release there are over  30 different types of pediatric brain tumors representing over 1000 subjects. Data types include match tumor/normal, whole genome data (WGS), RNAseq, proteomics, longitudinal clinical data, Imaging data including MRIs and radiology reports, histology slide images and pathology reports. The CBTTC promotes real time data release with no embargo period.

To search the PBTA  files and associated meta data please visit the Kids First DRC portal. There you will be able to identify genomic and associated files and seamlessly integrate them into a Cavatica workspace for research on the raw genomic data. The PBTA summary data is available on PedscBioPortal for analytic visualization.

Researchers can request access to the raw genomic data by completing and submitted the CBTTC Data Access Request form.

A digital object identifier has been given to the PBTA and can be used for reference.

Download the CBTTC Data Access Agreement

Funding for this initiative was provided by over 50 foundation sponsors.

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