Advisory Council

The CBTTC Advisory Council is a collaborative group of 14 childhood brain tumor foundations, all with a shared goal to advise, advocate and provide financial resources for the benefit of the CBTTC. Each Advisory Council member foundation is invested in advancing the work of the CBTTC to discover more effective therapies for children diagnosed with a brain or central nervous system (CNS) tumor.

Areas of Support

  • Philanthropy and financial support for CBTTC scientific initiatives
  • Advocacy & outreach to the brain tumor patient community
  • Recruitment of additional collaborators and supporters

Advisory Council Members


Smashing Walnuts

Leesburg, VA


Grayson Saves Foundation

Hockessin, DE



Swifty Foundation

Woodridge, IL


Kortney Rose Foundation

Oceanport, NJ



Thea's Star of Hope

Trenton, NJ


Kyle Daniel Kerpan Foundation

Philadelphia, PA



Lilabean Foundation

Silver Spring, MD



Winning With Wyatt

La Grange, IL

Get Involved

If your organization is interested in joining the CBTTC Advisory Council, please email

Membership in the CBTTC Advisory Council is based on the following expectations:

  • Participate in at least 3 of the 4 quarterly advisory council conference calls
  • Share at least one blog post to be used on the CBTTC website and shared through other advisory council member’s social media, websites, etc. 
  • Contribute at least $5,000 to the Advisory Council Scientific Grant Fund 
  • Promote and share monthly social media posts organized by the CBTTC
  • Attend the CBTTC's Annual Investigator Meeting 
  • Participate in at least one designated "gray out" day or other collective advocacy effort