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Dr. Javad Nazarian Named Scientific Director of Brain Tumor Institute of Children’s National Health System

Javad Nazarian, PhD, MSC is Co-chair of The Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium’s Scientific Committee

CBTTC Scientific Co-chair Javad Nazarian, PhD, MSC, has been named as the Scientific Director of the Brain Tumor Institute of the Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Nazarian has been an active member of the Brain Tumor Institute since 2006. He has devoted his career to advancing the understanding of pediatric brain tumors with a special emphasis on diffuse midline gliomas, including diffuse instrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPGs). His laboratory is actively investigating the molecular mechanisms of DIPGs and establishing robust preclinical models of pediatric brain tumors. He has been instrumental in expanding the comprehensive CNHS biorepository of pediatric CNS tumors. Dr. Nazarian has recently been appointed as Scientific co-Chair of the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium, a national consortium of collaborative, multi-institutional research programs (Dr. Brian Rood, CNHS site PI). He is a Principal Investigator in the Center for Cancer and Immunology Research at Children’s National, as well as a tenured Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Integrative Systems Biology at George Washington University. The Brain Tumor Institute is honored that Dr. Nazarian has accepted this position and responsibility.

[Courtesy of Roger J. Packer, MD,Senior Vice President, Center for Neuroscience & Behavioral Health, Children’s National Health System]

Additionally, Dr. Nazarian was the recipient of a $27,500 donation from the The Brad Kaminsky Foundation and Idance4acure, for use in ongoing research efforts to identify and improve more effective treatments for children diagnosed with tumors of the brain and central nervous system.

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  1. I have read recently that Dr. Nazarian is working on liquid biopsies for pediatric brain tumors. I know his work is mainly focus on DIPG, but my granddaughter has an Optic/Hypothalamic Glioma and has been in treatment for 3 years, ending in November 2016. The tumor has grown slightly since. We are rescanning in July. We want to know the mutations so we can be ready with a targeted treatment. Is there anyway to ask him if DNA would be present in her spinal fluid?

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