• Cutting edge technologies to turn biological tissue into results

  • Working together is the key to overcoming these devastating cancers of childhood

  • Leading multi-disciplinary teams

  • Each year 4,100 more children - 11 each day - are diagnosed with a brain tumor in the United States

CBTTC Science

Open-source data sharing, pooling of biospecimens, and real-time global research collaboration capabilities to fast track and boost bench-to-bedside innovations in the field of pediatric brain cancer.

CBTTC Members

Leading pediatric brain cancer clinicians, researchers and institutions partnered for cutting edge scientific innovation and collaboration.

Families & Supporters

The CBTTC is dedicated to find new innovative treatments for all types of pediatric brain tumors. Find out how you can be part of this ground-breaking initiative.

Welcome to The Children's Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium

The CBTTC is a new paradigm for tissue research, not only collecting all types of childhood brain tumors but also performing analysis using cutting-edge technologies and sharing the data with the scientific community at large to develop new treatments.